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Monday – Thursday – 11:00 am – 10:00 pm (last seating)

Friday – Saturday – 11:00 am – 11:00 pm (last seating)

Sunday – 11:00 am – 9:00 pm (last seating)

Scientific Proof  that Flavor Still Exists!



 Atomic Ale Brewpub Specialties.


Atomic Giant Soft Pretzel – Hand-made, shaped like an atom and served with stone ground mustard, basil pesto, or nuclear style with our spicy nuclear butter & blue cheese dressing. 4.99

Cheese Quesadilla – Two flour tortillas filled with cheddar & jack cheese and a sprinkle of fresh cilantro. Served with homemade black bean salad, sour cream and our own salsa. 7.50.  Add chicken 2.00.  Add bay shrimp 3.00.

Desert Quesadilla – For something special, we add the black bean salad and BBQ sauce inside our cheese quesadilla. 7.99.  Add chicken 2.00.  Add bay shrimp 3.00.

Nuclear Quesadilla – Our cheese quesadilla with an extra bang from our spicy nuclear butter and seasonings. 7.99.  Add chicken 2.00.  Add bay shrimp 3.00.

Chips and Salsa – Tortilla chips with our house salsa. 4.99

Chicken Satay – Two skewers of sliced chicken breast over orzo pasta, topped with a spicy Thai peanut sauce. Served with a side of our mini Mediterranean salad. 8.99

Hot Artichoke, Snow Crab, & Red Onion Dip – Served with sliced honey wheat rolls. 11.99

Atomic Chicken Skewers – Four skewers with your choice of BBQ, spicy Thai peanut or our house nuclear hot sauce. Served with celery sticks & blue cheese dressing. 9.99

Burks Beer Braised Bratwurst Bites – Bites of Johnsonville bratwurst braised in our Atomic Amber ale with Washington state apples. 7.99.  Add sauerkraut 99 cents.

We feature a distinctive menu cooked in the Tri-Cities’ original wood-fired oven to complement our fresh, full-flavored handcrafted ales. Wood-Fired Pizza, Hearty Sandwiches, Fresh Salads, Homemade Soups, Delectable Desserts, etc…

Our fresh, full-flavored handcrafted ales were born out of Aaron’s passion for the fine microbrews of the Northwest. Half-Life Hefeweizen, Atomic Amber, Plutonium Porter, International Proton Pale Ale, etc…

"I love Atomic!   Their signature red potato soup will hook you.  (I get it for lunch about three times a week.)   I love that you seat yourself if a table is available.  The staff are friendly and they are patient with me while I learn about beer.   It's our "go to" place to eat."

~ April P – Richland, WA


Sandwiches & Pasta

Our pasta and sandwiches are served with a cup of soup or a small house salad.
Upgrade to a special salad 1.00.


Sandwich Special – With the freshest ingredients. Ask your server or check the chalkboard.
Price varies.

Atomic Grinder – A heated version of the old standard: pepperoni, Canadian bacon, mozzarella and smoked provolone with garlic and red sauce. Topped with romaine lettuce, red onion and fresh roma tomatoes. 9.99

Veggie – A hoagie roll with olive oil, garlic, red bell pepper, cucumbers, portabella mushrooms, bean sprouts, fresh spinach, mozzarella and red wine vinegar. 8.99

Burks Beer Braised Bratwurst – A butterflied Burks’ beer-braised bratwurst with fresh spinach, red onion and garlic oil on a hoagie roll. 8.99 Add sauerkraut 99 cents

Chicken Pesto – A tender chicken breast with romaine, fresh romas and our pesto mayonnaise on a hoagie roll. 9.50

Teriyaki - Tender teriyaki chicken breast on a hoagie roll with Swiss cheese, romaine, pineapple, olive oil and garlic. 9.50

Turkey & Swiss – Sliced turkey breast, Swiss cheese, fresh romaine and roma tomatoes with your choice of pesto, mayo or mustard on toasted 12 grain bread. 9.50


Add chicken 2.00. Add prawns 4.00.


Tortellini Oreste – From our sister restaurant, Monterosso’s Italian Restaurant, across the street. Three-cheese tortellini, gently tossed with walnuts and sun-dried tomatoes in a creamy pesto sauce. Served with a Honey Wheat Roll. 10.99

Spicy Nuclear Fettucine – Fettucine Alfredo with an extra bang from our spicy nuclear butter, tossed with red onions and red bell peppers served with a honey wheat roll. 9.99.

Pasta Special – A generous portion of pasta created daily. Served with a honey wheat roll. Ask your server or check the chalkboard. (Available until 5:00 p.m.) Price varies.


Homemade Soups

Large Cup 4.50         Large bowl 6.50

Atomic Ale Red Potato Soup – Our world famous soup: thin sliced red potatoes, Canadian bacon, chopped onion and a hint of thyme. A rich, creamy soup made with our Half-Life Hefeweizen.

Daily Soup Special – We’re famous for our delicious homemade soups. No cans, mixes or frozen packages here! Created daily to suit the mood, the weather or the season! Ask your server or check the chalkboard for today’s special.

Soup & Salad Combination – Receive 1.00 off any soup and salad combination (any size) as a meal. Add roll 75 cents.

Fresh Salads

Add chicken 2.00
Add bay shrimp 3.00

Caesar Salad – Fresh romaine lettuce, parmesan, croutons and carrots tossed with a creamy caesar dressing. Small 4.99.  Large 7.99.

Spinach Salad – Fresh spinach, sliced red onion, parmesan and roma tomatoes with a hot bacon vinaigrette and real bacon bits. Small 4.99.  Large 8.50.

Desert Black Bean Salad – Black beans, diced tomatoes, green onions, feta & fresh cilantro with a balsamic vinaigrette and a hint of crushed red pepper. Small 4.99.  Large 8.50.

Mediterranean Salad – Sliced fresh roma tomatoes, cucumbers & red onion tossed with feta cheese, red & white wine vinegar and a touch of olive oil. Small 4.99.  Large 8.50.

House Salad – Fresh romaine, roma tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots, sliced red onion & parmesan. Great with our own Atomic Amber dressing. Small 4.50.  Large 7.99.

Mandarin Salad – Fresh romaine lettuce, Mandarin oranges, peanuts, shredded carrots, bean sprouts & crushed tortilla chips tossed with tasty orange sesame dressing. Large 7.99.

Atomic Chef Salad – Fresh romaine lettuce and fresh spinach topped with sliced turkey breast, Swiss & cheddar cheese, black olives and roma tomatoes – served with your choice of dressing.
Large 9.99

"The BEST pizza in the Tri-Cities!

Our current favorite is 1/2 black and blue, 1/2 portabello road. They treat us like regulars"

~ Michelle E – Richland, WA



Plutonium Porter Chocolate Containment Cake - A triple chocolate cake made with our Plutonium Porter in the cake, the frosting and the chocolate sauce we drizzle over the top.
Served with vanilla ice cream. 5.99

BlackBerry Cobbler – A scrumptious, homemade blackberry cobbler baked golden brown.
Served with vanilla ice cream. 5.50

B-Reactor Brownie – An extra large, triangular shaped, homemade brownie.
Served with vanilla ice cream and Plutonium Porter chocolate sauce. 4.99

A&W Root Beer Float – Served in an authentic A&W mug to celebrate the history of our building. 3.50

Ice Cream – Two scoops of vanilla ice cream served with your choice of our own blackberry sauce or our Plutonium Porter chocolate sauce. 2.99

Brownie Bite with Ice Cream – Lunch Only (with purchase until 5:00 pm). No need to feel guilty with this small bite of our B-Reactor Brownie served with a small scoop of vanilla ice cream and a drizzle of our Plutonium Porter chocolate sauce. Only 1.50!  NOT AVAILABLE TO GO.

"This microbrewery features some of the best pizza in the northwest!  Great brews, friendly staff, good service, great service... "

~ Mark O. – Bellingham, WA


Brewpub Specialties

All Brewpub Specialties are served with your choice of soup or house salad.
Upgrade to a special salad 1.00.

Dinner Special – Ask about our daily dinner special. Price varies.

Lemon Pepper Chicken – Two oven roasted chicken breasts, seasoned with our lemon pepper herb topping and served with Atomic spuds and a side of vegetables. 13.99

Fresh Roasted Vegetables – Red bell peppers, red onion, mushrooms, spinach, zucchini, broccoli, fresh basil and garlic are roasted with our beer butter and white wine. Served with a side of Atomic spuds. 12.99

Teriyaki Chicken – Two oven roasted chicken breasts, marinated in our own special teriyaki sauce and served with Atomic spuds and a side of vegetables. 14.99

Lemon Pepper Prawns – Eight prawns, oven roasted with fresh mushrooms, red bell peppers and red onions in a lemon pepper herb sauce. Served with Atomic spuds and a side of vegetables. 16.99

Pork Capicola – Twin pork tenderloins, oven roasted with Italian seasoning and topped with capicola ham, smoked provolone and a lemon chardonnay garlic cream sauce. Served with Atomic spuds and a side of vegetables. 15.99

Burks’ Beer Braised Bratwurst – Two Johnsonville bratwursts braised in our Atomic Amber ale with bites of fresh Washington state apples. Served with a side of Atomic spuds. 12.99

Add sauerkraut 99 cents

"I wonder if Tri-City people know how good they got it, Atomic Ale Brewpub and Eatery was one better places I've eaten in a while. This is something the Tri City area should treasure and visit often.  Great brews, great food, nice staff and nice relaxed atmosphere."

~ Jeffery S – La Grange Park, IL


Wood-Fired Gourmet Pizza

Our pizzas are thin crust, approximately 12 inches, 8 slices, hand-tossed and
baked in our wood-fired oven. Yum!


Lunch Pizza – Lunch only (until 5:00 pm). Two slices of our daily pizza special - no substitutions please. 3.99.  Served with a cup of soup or a small house salad. 7.50
Upgrade to a small Black Bean, Mediterranean, Caesar or Spinach salad 1.00.

Daily Pizza Special – A tasty pizza created daily by our imaginative cooks!
Ask your server or check the chalkboard. Price varies.


Merriwether – Red sauce, mozzarella, fresh roma tomatoes and fresh basil. 13.99.  Our regular customer Ken adds artichoke hearts and zucchini for 2.00 - which makes this pizza extra special!

Portabella Road – A mushroom lover’s dream. Mushroom garlic cream sauce, mozzarella, white mushrooms, portabella mushrooms, green onions and parmesan cheese. 14.99

The Ultimate Veggie – Red sauce, garlic, mozzarella, oregano, mushrooms, artichoke hearts, roasted red bell pepper, red onion, sun-dried tomatoes, cheddar, smoked provolone and a dash of crushed red pepper. 16.99

Quattro Formaggio – An old world cheese pizza!  Fresh garlic, parsley and red sauce with mozzarella, asiago, provolone and romano cheese. 12.99


Cheese Pizza – Red sauce and mozzarella with no garlic or green stuff! 10.99

Pepperoni Pizza – Red sauce, mozzarella and pepperoni with no garlic or green stuff! 11.99

Please let us know if you have a particular food allergy and we will do our best to accommodate you.


Reactor Core – Our own spicy nuclear butter and seasoning, mozzarella, Genoa salami, sausage, jalapenos, red onions, mushrooms, blue cheese crumbles and crushed red pepper. 17.50

The Wanderer – Olive oil, garlic, thyme, mozzarella, Canadian bacon, sausage, black olives and jalapenos. 15.99

Shrimp Pesto – Pesto sauce, mozzarella, fresh spinach, prawns and sun-dried tomatoes. 17.99

The Godfather – Red sauce, mozzarella, pepperoni, sausage, mushrooms, black olives, a dash of crushed red pepper and parsley. 16.50

Manhattan Project – Our own spicy nuclear butter with red sauce, mozzarella, chicken, red bell peppers, black olives, pineapple and green onions. 17.50

Bangkok Chicken – Spicy Thai peanut sauce, mozzarella, chicken, green onions, fresh cilantro, shredded carrots, bean sprouts and peanuts. 16.99

Barbecue Chicken – Smoky barbecue sauce, mozzarella, chicken, fresh cilantro and red onion topped with smoked gouda. 15.99

Barcelona – Pesto sauce, mozzarella, fresh spinach, chicken, artichoke hearts and sun-dried tomatoes. 16.99

Atomic Red – Red sauce, mozzarella, pepperoni, sausage, red bell pepper, red onion, sliced jalapeno peppers and a dash of crushed red pepper. 16.99

Positron Pineapple – Red sauce, mozzarella, parsley, Canadian bacon and pineapple. 13.99

Caribbean Jerk – Red sauce, garlic, jerk spice, oregano, mozzarella, pepperoni, chicken, mushrooms and green onions. A taste of Jamaica - Ya Mon! 16.50

Four Kings – The meat lovers’ favorite! Red sauce, mozzarella, pepperoni, sausage, bratwurst and Canadian bacon. 16.99

Cordon Blue – Blue cheese sauce, mozzarella, Canadian bacon, chicken, mushrooms and green onions, topped with Swiss Cheese and blue cheese crumbles. 17.50

Black & Blue – Blue cheese sauce, mozzarella, blackened seasoning, chicken, pepperoni, black olives and green onions topped with blue cheese crumbles. 17.50



By the glass or bottle. Ask your server for details.

Washington White

Riesling...........................4.99 / 18.99
Pinto Gris........................4.99 / 18.99
Chardonnay.....................5.99 / 21.99
White Blend.....................4.95 / 17.95

Washington Red

Merlot...............................5.79 / 21.99
Cabernet Sauvignon.........5.79 / 21.99
Syrah................................5.99 / 22.99
Red Blend.........................5.99 / 22.99

Bottled Beer, Cider & Coolers

4.50 per bottle
Red Stripe – Jamaica – Ya mon!
Shiner Bock - Texas
Coors Light
Kaliber - Non-Alcoholic
Hard Cider (Gluten Free)*
Mike’s Hard Lemonades*

*Check with your server for current selection.

Handcrafted Beer

Pint 4.50          Pitcher 15.99         Sampler 6.99

Half-Life Hefeweizen – Get yer wheaties! Made with 60% wheat. This cloudy and crisp beer is served with a slice of lemon in the American style. Enjoy the thirst quenching quality of our lightest beer.

Atomic Amber – Deep amber in color with big malt flavor utilizing Northwest hops for balanced bitterness and aroma. Delicious and very drinkable. Goes great with our bratwurst.

Plutonium Porter – The darkest of our “Big Three.” A full-flavored Porter with a rich roasted, slightly sweet, malt flavor and a mild hop finish. Balanced chocolate malt roastiness with crystal malt sweetness. Don’t be afraid of the dark!

Brewmaster’s Taps – Ask your server or check the chalkboard for our Brewmaster’s specials.

Sampler – Sample all of our beers - never less than five if we can help it! Choose your favorite.

Growlers – We have full color Atomic Ale Brewpub & Eatery logo 64 oz growlers of our beers to go. Subject to availability. Empty Growler…9.00.      Growler plus fill…18.00.           Refill…12.00.


Atomic Ale Brewpub Specialties.

It is our goal to make your dining experience enjoyable.

Our wood-fired oven is the cornerstone of our kitchen.
All our ales are brewed on site using natural ingredients.
Our beer is fresh, unfiltered and full-flavored.
All items are available to go.
An 18% gratuity may be added to a party of 6 or more.

In order to serve you better – we request one check for parties of 6 or more.